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For construction projects of all types and sizes.

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-Why Owner Representation-

You have the vision and it’s time to put it into motion.  Your project involves so much more than your expertise covers and you are not sure where to start.  Don’t let this deadlock stand in the way of your progress.  We are standing by with day-1 info for you and would like to be your FIRST call.  Our experience is vast and our expertise transcends a multitude of industries.  We have people who are prepared to fully dedicate themselves to YOU at every step.  The process begins with a converstation.  Share your vision with us and let us help you discover the most feasible way to begin to transfer your vision into reality.


We begin our work well before the ground breaks.  We serve as your consultant through the planning process, then represent you as the owner once the project begins.

It all begins with feasibility and we have extensive resources available to you regarding real estate, foundations, sub surface systems and drainage.

Square Feet of Design/Built/Managed Projects

Budget Managed

Architectural/Engineering/Geotechnical Contracts Managed

Initial Stage Services

Feasibility Studies

Before any design work is completed, a feasibility study is performed to see if the project is even possible. Many factors are analyzed in this critical step to ensure your project gets off on the right foot with minimal surprises.

Real Estate Consulting

This service has many different uses. You may already own a piece of property or be looking to purchase. Either way, our experienced Real Estate experts are there to make the best use of your property or to find the land that will best suit the needs of your facility.

Specialty Foundation

Our CSI staff has extensive experience with specialty foundation projects including Helical, Steel-incased, Aggregate piles and more. We put the work in up front to learn your soil–because as we all know, all structures are built from the ground up.

Sub Surface Systems

This is one of our specialty services at CSI and one that, quite frankly, sets us apart from other owner rep firms. We have vast knowledge of sub-surface systems and would love for your project to benefit from it.


This critical phase typically goes hand-in-hand with the feasibility study findings. We also can do it ala carte. Having an effective drainage plan for your new or existing facility is essential.


Construction Management Assistance

Working with your preferred construction team, we aid the team on planning, purchasing and scheduling to streamline all steps of the process through a single contact point.

Design Build Services

Our team will help with the selection of the right Design Build group for your project and be in communication with them constantly. We manage this process to help translate your vision into reality.

Interior Finishes

We can pick up a project at any phase of the game. Our services extend the full length of the project spectrum–pre-ground breaking to interior finishes. You are sure to get top quality services from beginning to end.

Architect & Engineer Selection

We work with some of the best architects in the industry. Many have knowledge in a wide segment of the construction process–and have the ability to give you both beauty and practicality from your final product.  We will ensure you get paired with the correct group for your project.

RFP Development & Budgeting

What is the project?  What teams will do what?  What process will se select?  This stage determines what services are defined for your project.  It’s critical that we aid very early in the process to conceptually plan an overall design to help determine if the project is feasible and where to begin.


Cold Storage

We carry most of our expertise in this area, as we have done a great deal of work in this industry.  Cold storage is somewhat of a CSI specialty and we have loads of information to share with you on how to make your project successful.


Another industry that is amidst a major shift in new regulations.  As educational facilities become more secure to meet today’s challenges, we are right there to make sure your building is in compliance with the latest.


As you know, in the medical world, things never stop changing.  We are up to speed on the latest regulations and will ensure your project stays in compliance with them all.

Office Park

Office environments look very different than they did just 5 years ago.  Simply put, the way people work is changing and the effect it has on new and restructure office park projects looms large.


Understanding your business operations is key to any successful industrial park project.   We perform and study many feasibility studies to help us to fine tune your facility to meet the unique needs of your business.


The commercial industry offers a wide variety of facilities.  Whether you are looking for a stand-alone facility, need a team to work under the construct of existing commercial complexes, or anything in-between, we deliver for you.

Medical Park

Hospitals might only be a simple piece in a medical park campus.  Integration is a key element of design that can make a difference in how effectively medical parks operate.

General Contracting

You might not see your industry listed here, but changes are, we can knock your project out of the park.  We are currently licensed in many different states–if you are in one of them, we can help and should talk soon.